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Fudoshin is a spirit of unshakable calm and determination and embodies the ideal that one should be "unshakable" in any situation regardless of the difficulty. At Fudoshin Martial Arts, our objective is to provide an environment where our members can develop both physicaly and mentally by following the principles of etiquette, sincerity and self-discipline. 

We’re in the business of changing lives. We belive that our work is one of stewadship. We're stewards to the young men and women of our dojo and therefore we strive to plant the seeds of greatness in their hearts and minds. We help our members to develop the physical and mental power to reach their goals no matter what they are.

We offer Karate, Kobudo and Self-Defence programs for children, teens, and adults that benefit both mind and body:
      • Mind – Develop greater discipline, concentration, and self-respect
      • Body – Increase your flexibility, endurance, and muscle tone

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                         FUDOSHIN - Unbreakable Spirit
Hanshi Nakaza, Seiei & Sensei Tony

Fudoshin Martial Arts Inc.

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Monday, September 16th
Thursday, September 19st

Fall session begins on September 17. 

Please see updated schedule.